The Great Grail Quest

About The Great Grail Quest

A series of six puzzle filled adventures to find the blueprints of the time machine built by the inventor Colonel Cynric Wynchcombe.

Wynchcombe was an officer in the Royal Engineers from the mid 1880s to the 1920s. One of his missions was a top secret venture working with the eminent physicist Nikola Tesla.

Together they cracked the mystery of time travel and built a time machine in Tesla's New York laboratory. Unfortunately the top secret work was compromised and it is believed soldiers from the US military were responsible for an attack on Tesla's workshop during which the prototype and all designs were destroyed.

However weeks before the arson attack, Wynchcombe had the foresight to make a detailed copy of the research and design papers and dispatched one of his sappers to deposit the blueprints in a very safe place - his future, our present!

Your mission is to locate those blueprints. You must visit the Red Box where the "brain" will test you with a series of puzzles which must be completed in under 30 minutes.

Over the course of the next six months one episode will be released each month taking you closer to finding those blueprints. The episodes must be completed in the correct sequence and will get progressively more challenging.

  • May 2018 - The Holy Journey
  • June 2018 - Power shift
  • July 2018 - Joining the dots
  • August 2018 - The Blitz
  • September 2018 - Fast forward
  • October 2018 - The revelation
  • The episodes will always be available so for example it will still be possible to undertake episode 1 in July and then the following day or week try episode 2, etc.

    The Red Box can comfortably hold a maximum of 4 average sized adults and the puzzles are suitable for age 12 years and upwards.

    Playing the game

    This exciting new game inside a modified red police telephone box will test and challenge your mental capacity for lateral thinking, code breaking and puzzle solving!

    The game can only be played by visiting the Red Box which is currently located in the Cookhouse at Suffolk Food Hall near Ipswich.

    The Red Box is open 6 days a week as follows:

  • Mon: closed
  • Tues, Weds, Thurs: 10.00am - 5.00pm
  • Fri, Sat: 10.00am - 8.00pm
  • Sun: 10.00am - 4.00pm
  • Advance booking is essential in order to guarantee your preferred time slot.

    Book by phoning 07709 636802

    The total cost is £25 for the team of 2-4 persons, i.e. £12.50 per head for a couple and £6.25 per head for a team of four.

    Each session consists of a 2 minute pre-game briefing video then the clock starts ticking. Players have 30mins to solve the puzzles and obtain the secret codeword which unlocks the next episode.

    Game play of all sessions will be remotely monitored for health and safety purposes but unlike escape rooms no hints or additional clues will be provided.

    Contact Red Box Mysteries

    The world's first immersive multi-player puzzle in a box; The Great Grail Quest is produced by Red Box Mysteries, part of the East Anglia Puzzle Room which has been running escape room type games, immersive theatrical puzzle experiences and treasure hunts since 2015.

    The first Red Box is being trialled at Suffolk Food Hall near Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2AB. At the same time as that trial takes place we are working with owners and management agents of a number of shopping centres and leisure facilities.

    We aim to achieve our goal of locating 25 Red Boxes across London and South East England by the end of summer 2018 and in other areas of the UK in subsequent months.

    Commercial opportunities exist for owners of shopping centres, leisure facilities, transport hubs and event organisers seeking additional revenue from an exciting new venture which will appeal to fans of escape rooms, treasure hunts, video games and solvers of all kinds of cerebral puzzles.

    Contact the team on 07709 636802

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